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Saturday, August 29, 2009

C'mon I can do better than that. Let's try that again. Take 2: Hey, Ladies - - !

I just rotated my tires. Oh yes. And let me tell you: it was HOT.

Did it right out in the open. Right under that hot sun. No shade. It's 104.1 degrees out there! So you better believe the equipment was red hot when I pulled it out, and needless to say, it was hard. I was working that iron around and around, jimmy-jacking up the chassis, getting those nuts off, it was like a precision routine that was completely spontaneous and extemporized the way I did it. I kept switching positions, first cranking away up front, then rolling back around to the rear, sliding my jack up and under and cranking away. I made that back end dance! Aw, yeah.

And by the time I pulled that thing out from under the backside, and slid it under up front to crank away again for the final stretch, you better believe things had gotten sweaty. By that point, it was like my mind had checked out of the brain and was possessed by my body. I was in the zone - moving, hands slipping, working that iron around. Grinning like a dog! I bet my tongue lolled out, but I don't even know. I lost all self-consciousness in that moment of sweet torque and torsion. But that's cool. Dignity goes out the window in those situations, and one becomes all natural. I certainly don't mind getting right down to it, hoisting, cranking, loosening up and then tightening down - right there out in public! For anyone to see who happened by. I don't care, I kind of get a charge off that. And you better believe that breeze felt goood.

I did a damn job on this one, let me tell you. SOLID. It was hard, and I was spent and winded by the finish but I did it strong, did it thorough and well.

I finished really quick, too!

From the moment I first really got the nuts loosened up, to that last languid spin as we return to the ground and the pressure settles back down, and I pulled that slack jack out from under and slid it back in its sleeve, it was only 37 minutes.

Well. For me, that's quick.

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