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Monday, September 07, 2009

Open Dream Journal #31: Enter: The Paranormalers!

Okay, this dream was kind of disturbing. Also, if I ever develop it into a tv series there are ***SPOILERS*** here, so just, be advised.

Anyhow. I dreamt I was in a kind of eerie, kind of dramatic, kind of lame tv show that was sort of more like "Heroes" with an X-Files vibe. I was living in a house (it wasn't ME-me, it was whoever the character was, but in the dream it was real life, just, in a fictional world I guess) with a group of other people each of whom had a "special" ability or talent. We had been recruited to form a special team of some kind for some reason. It was all pretty new. I just remember that I was pretty proud to have been selected, but I couldn't tell anybody I knew. It was all hush-hush. My cover story to explain why I was going missing from my regular life was that I'd been given a grant to go study rocks (that's one way I know that I definitely wasn't "me" in the dream - no one I know would find that a plausible cover story for me!).

My talent was kind of ill-defined as far as I can recall. I mean, dream-me knew its extents and limitations, but now trying to describe it I find it hard to describe. I had a limited ability to influence how things worked, physical objects or processes, within a short range around me - a couple dozen yards, maybe. For instance, although this didn't come up within the dream, I knew that if a group of gunmen burst in waving guns, I could just say "your guns don't work" and the gunpowder in their ammunition would be inert for as long as they remained within my "sphere of influence". So, useful, but not earth-shaking.

Anyway, I was downstairs fixing something in the kitchen (there were about 5 of us in the house) when all of a sudden this strike force busted in the front door - not gunmen waving guns, but a rival group of "specially-talented" operatives from some rival organization. There were a bunch of them - including children! - and as the leader ran upstairs with the adult members of his squad, all of the kids came straight at me.

Well, I didn't have super-strength or anything, but these were pretty small kids, and whatever their talents were, it wasn't too hard for me to get the first three or so down by smashing their heads against the floor or the furniture as hard as I could while I hollered to raise the alarm. I used my special trick to make it so that when their heads hit, they were just knocked out - no brain damage or concussion or anything. But then the littlest one finished toddling up to me (I was on one knee after just finishing swinging one of the kids by his feet and BAM! into the wall) and this kid kind of hugged my forearms together, got both of my arms crossed in front of me and she just sort of - hugged them, with her fat little arms with the dimpley elbows. You know? Like babies have? She was just a baby, really. Wispy blonde hair, and gurgley giggling at me as she pinned my arms together, and I couldn't move her or lift her or even move my arms at all - not even an inch, they were held fast! I tried a head butt but I couldn't reach properly. I was pretty much immobilized and I could tell that upstairs, my buddies were getting their asses kicked. I needed to get up there to help, but I couldn't!

In fairness, we had only just formed our team. We were nowhere near as well-trained as these other people were!

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