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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I know I just posted this like an hour ago, but I seriously can't get enough of this bear.

arial bear

That could be the best thing I ever did. Artistically, I mean.

To read more about the bear, scroll down like, two posts. WARNING: It may not be worth it. It's only about a sentence worth.


Allie said...


There is just something about it that hits me wherever you hit a person to make them laugh really hard but also feel all endeared.

Allie said...

I just submitted a blog review for your Review Your Own Blog blog. Then I noticed that you hadn't updated since August.

I still think it is a wonderful idea. I want to promote it. What do you say?

dogimo said...

That's the strangest thing. I just checked the e-mail In-Box for and there's nothing in there.

I wonder if that's why nobody's taken me up on the offer!

dogimo said...

I think that "Diagnosis: BEAR" could be a pretty sweet tv show about an investigative medical examiner who solves crimes by detailed procedural methods in a remote Yukon-like area way up in the rural Alaskan reaches or thereabouts. His whole deal is, he brings the most modern scientific methods to bear to crack the case in this scenic backwoods environment. Maybe expanding a few minds, as he goes. That's this M.E.'s M.O.

Every episode, there would be a new case to solve. At the end of every episode, after a lot of suspense and red herrings, the murder would be pretty conclusively pinned on a local bear known to be furtively rampaging in the region. The show would not go into any of the efforts to catch the bear - if such efforts were being made, it would be quite out of the department of our hero's exploits.

The story arc that would straddle the second half of the second season, the cliffhanger season finale, and the epoch-breaking first five episodes of the third season (including the 2-hour long "very special" 3rd episode) would involve a copycat killer.

dogimo said...

(but I emphasize - that last idea has nothing to do with the picture, which came first by far!)