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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I always kind of wanted to live in an Institute. Or not an actual Institute, really, but one of those concrete modernist buildings with a jutting diagonal and a lot of tinted glass? The kind that kind of looks like it could be an Institute.

There's a lot of houses around here that have that look.

If I lived in a place like that, I'd sink a dull brass-composite plaque in the front facade that says CENTRAL CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE AGAINST MATTER AND ENERGY. The entrance would be a tinted glass door in a tinted glass wall. There would be a security box with a steady red light on the inside of the glass wall, attached to the door lock. You couldn't get in. You're not authorized.

Beyond that shatterproof glass barrier, in the reception lobby, you could see a round reception desk with a terminal and an empty chair.

Business hours would not be posted, but if you went to check out the website, you'd have considerable cause for alarm.


Lunarchick said...

Sounds forbidding and menacing...ominous even. I like it.

John Dantzer said...

This sounds like the office of 'pataphysician. I like it.

VEG said...

And exactly WHAT is your issue with matter and energy, young man? If you don't stop railing against matter and energy, there'll be no dinner for you and no TV for a week.

Also, hi! I am alive. Just lazy and unmotivated. :)

dogimo said...

@Alice: You have a very good, very astute and healthy range of tastes. I've noticed this about you.

@jorg: WHO is this 'pataphysician!! I must know. Ok, I googled it. I love the entire body of study at a glance!! Thank you sir.

@VegahvegahvegASASSA!!! Glad to hear you are alive, lazy and unmotivated! It sounds lovely comfy. Can I just say that I couldn't comment on it, since the comments already stood at 69 (uhuh. uhuh, uhuh), but "They Can Take Our Land, But They’ll Never Get it Through Customs" is the BEST POST TITLE I HAVE EVER SEEN ON ANY BLOG besides mine!

And if I'm honest, I can't really think of a one of mine to advance as a contender. At the moment.