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Friday, September 09, 2011

Kickass-Screenplay Idea #Ad Infinitum!

I was thinking, they come out with movies that spoof EVERYTHING. So why not a movie that spoofs bad dreams? I mean, everybody has 'em! We can all relate to 'em. And we all know, a lot of the time - the logic in those dreams? The narrative, the plot holes - way worse than most of what else we've been spoofing! It's a sitting DUCK.

Admittedly, the reference might go over some people's heads. But fuck those people! That's the risk you take, any time you get artsy. That's a risk you've got to take. Risk doesn't mean you need to chicken out. When you look back on all the real heroes of culture, the real epoch-making, style-setting change-makers - they're the ones who weren't afraid to get artsy.

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Mel said...

Getting artsy has its time and place, I guess, but you know, sometimes you just want them to...