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Sunday, October 30, 2011


You know, in the previous post, I'm totally forgetting all the sunsets, and gleams of light off tall buildings, when I'm standing down in amongst those canyons of glass and steel and looking up, not to mention the wheeling cosmos - and I can't even count how many other things have seized or struck me as holy! And sometimes, somebody's eyes after what they just said.

It's just that all of those things too can strike you in different ways as well, depending on your frame of mind. Like beauty in the eye of the beholder? Holiness is in the soul of the beholder. NO WAIT. Eyes - windows of the soul! You don't need holiness of the soul to be struck with it and by it - any more than a person's soul has to be beautiful to be struck by beauty, and an ache for beauty. So.

Holiness is in the windows of the soul of the beholder's eyes.

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