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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Dream Question #1. Pay Close Attention.

Let's say you wake up from a weird dream you can't remember, to find you are in a safe, strange house.

You don't know whose house it is, but you do know for sure it is TOTALLY SAFE. Like, maybe you can remember in the back of your mind that it's the house for a reality show your friend was in, and they get to stay there 'til the end of the month, even though the show's done shooting, and you were invited over. Plus, you woke up in the front room (you slept on the couch) and the door is wide open (screen door latched) and the windows have light streaming in and people passing by in the city street outside (it's like, a townhouse).

Anyway, that's too much background. It has nothing to do with the premise of the question! The point is, somebody has made a pizza for you, left it on a nearby table - it is hot, and smells delicious. And there is a note by it that says it's for you. The pizza is definitely intended for you. But as you look at it, you see that the pizza is topped with playing cards. And seeing that suddenly triggers your memory of what your dream was!

What was the dream?

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