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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Does McDonald's Ever Show Ronald Eating McDonalds?

I'm either blanking on this or they just don't do it. Is it because of the heavy makeup? Do they ever show that clown eating his own food?

I don't think they ever do! That by itself would make a great commercial! Ronald, walks into frame carrying his McTray, sits at a little in-store McTable and just unwraps and eats his whole meal. In silence - not a word spoken!

I'd guess he's a Quarter-Pounder-with-Cheese man. He strikes me as that. The whole commercial would be just him, eating. Serious, absorbed, enjoying it. Not regarding or acknowledging the camera in any way. This is his lunch break! Sipping Coke. Chewing fries. Maybe perusing a NY Times, or something. He strikes me as a NY Times guy. Maybe a Wall Street Journal.

Meanwhile, the rest of the customers are all just chillin'. "Ronald comes here all the time! We try not to bother him while he's enjoying a delicious lunch."

Great commercial!


Mel said...

So I opened up this article as I was having my lunch and I've been able to do some instant international preliminary research for you. What I can report is that whilst there is no explicit representation of Ron actually eating his meal, there is an image of him disposing of his meal,which we can only presume was McDonalds.

I'm intrigued by the question that you raise. I'm going to keep researching and looking for examples of the actual consumption of McDonalds by Ronald.

John Dantzer said...

Something like this?

dogimo said...

Hey! The Macaulster's looking good! Glad to see it.

Man that pizza's looking pretty good too, but in a totally different way.

Why fold the slice in half at all if you're going to proceed to bite alternate sides?

But to answer your question jorg, pretty much - obviously you'd want to make the commercial bright and snappy, and slip some sly editing in there so that it would take less than forever, but you want enough lingering drawn-out shots to give it an almost documentary feel. Just maybe when you cut to another angle, there will be a time lapse between shots yet you're careful not to frame things so it's really obvious where the leap was.