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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Generally-Valid Generalizations #1: Women Want Cock Pt.2

~ this post is a Part 2. There was also a Part 1: the Introductory Post to this Newly-Inaugurated, ongoing series called Generally-Valid Generalizations! ~

So anyway, look: all over the world, women want cock. Not all women, and not all cock (cf. "generalizations") - but enough so the statement remains generally valid.

Would anyone take offense at the general statement "women love chocolate," or "women like jewelry"? Yes, someone would take offense - and rightly so! The character of these statements is such that - even if they may be generally valid to a degree - they tend to trivialize women's likes and needs as superficial! Clearly with cock, that charge cannot apply. For what could be more urgent, more vital, more pressing? Women want cock, and they're willing to trade pussy for it. All over the world, this exchange is being transacted, either as a straight trade or with other factors in the mix. The transaction is happening right now! Even as you read this statement! And to the parties involved, the transaction is often viewed as to their benefit.

Now what do you say we quit putzing around on semantics, trying to deny plain fundamentals and skirt the issue with some damn dodge! How about instead of all that, we DEAL with it? How about instead of all that, we ask the big question: "OH YEAH?? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!!"

Suddenly everybody's not so glib.

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