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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Love: For Real, People.

Love is not bull shit! Love is for real, people. Love is for real. Love is five real. Love is what makes your heart wonder stuff your head could care less about. Love is what makes you jump in front of a speeding plane, "Baby don't go!

- we got to make a better ending for this movie we're in, this is depressing!" Love is what could put you in a diabetic coma, metaphorically, but you can not get enough of the sweetness regardless. Love is the stuff that makes you DO that shit like that. When you think about love, better be sitting down because love can put you on your ASS. It's an epiphany when that happens. Love is the thing that goes bump bump bump in the night. Aw yeah you know what I'm saying. Love is also the thing that gives tender shushes, and a perfect caress you didn't know how much you needed 'til just then that moment when.

Love makes your tongue stick out, or want to. Depending on configurations. Love is the road not taken, that makes you run all the way back to the fork and screech around that corner, scattering yellow gold leaves in your wake. Love is a splendid thing, or many of them, and love doesn't mind your diddling and dithering. Love's kind of shy, too you know. But love can't help it sometimes, though: it will break out in a shout for all the world! Hell yes!

Love don't mean a thing, except your whole life.

Love's not bullshit folks. Love's the real deal. Love makes people smooth back their hair from their brow. Love makes somebody want to grab an ass that they've been told they're perfectly entitled to grab, at any time and place, yet even with the full set of permission there comes scant if any loss of the thrill involved - in fact, it might more than double that thrill because how can you not but go about thinking about that all day? All of what you've got perfect and as far as we both know, permanent. Love is everything you ever wanted permission for. Oh wow. Love is like shooting fish in a barrel with a water pistol. Just that easy! Yet to get it and to miss it and then to feel the lack can be one of the hardest things ever to go through. To endure. To be at peace with.

Life without love cannot be peace; it must be war. Either way all is fair.

Love's the most impressive force on earth.

A love song sweeps all other songs aside.

A love song tells you what you want to hear.

That's why I'm here.

To sing this song.


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