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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In The Offseason, When Our Minds Are Clearer: An Examination of Football's Relative Importance

If you think football is meaningless, I can't help you.

Or maybe I can? I can at least testify! I must at least try. My passion for football is greater than my passion for all the world's painted or sculpted art. And I have devoted years of study and practice to that - and I LOVE ART. Art expresses not just humanity's yearning to stamp one's fleeting self upon the eternal, but also humanity's ability beyond all boundaries to see one person's work, and to recognize in it: ourselves. Even in a work that comes down to us from a across great gulf of distance and time. Still, next to football - come on. No comparison.

Compared to the NFL, compared even to individual teams - compared to the Dallas Cowboys, compared to the Philadelphia Eagles - I would say that many, many things are (RELATIVELY) meaningless. Politics is meaningless, by comparison. I am actually quite passionate about issues, if not parties. I do believe that most who devote their lives to public service in the political sphere are committed to righting the world - and I do *NOT* believe their cause to be utterly hopeless! But still. Next to the NFL? Come on. Naw.

Religion is meaningless, by comparison. Religion is politics applied to faith, with various trappings of ritual thrown in. Compared to the Dallas Cowboys? Come on! Even as a way to God - I will seek and find God through the intercession of a well-played NFL game with a far greater accuracy and immediacy than an afternoon spent in a bible college library poring over theological tomes, or gawking in some cathedral while the gigantic heaving pipe organ massacres Bach under an eager deacon's all-too-human hand.

And don't kill me on this one, but folks? Compared to NFL football? BEER IS MEANINGLESS.

It goes without saying that in all the above comparisons, it isn't as if there's any conflict or dichotomy forcing us to choose between. What we're after here is merely a clear-eyed assessment of the relative importance of different important aspects to life. Have a beer, think it over a bit. You'll see what I'm getting at. Football!

The only major element of human culture that can even hope to stand toe-to-toe with professional American football on anything close to an even footing is music, specifically: rock music. And really, even that's only due to the contributions of a small number of standouts.

I can't help it if everybody has everything wrong, priority-wise. In terms of life's meaning and purpose. The theologians have nearly everything entirely wrong, as do the evolutionists, as do those who say the universe is deterministic but purposeless. It may or may not be deterministic - but it is definitely not purposeless. If there is a God, God's purpose in creating the universe was not to provide a place for us to come into being and create one's self through one's own free perception, contemplation and action. No: God's purpose in creating the universe was to foster an environment wherein FOOTBALL could come about, and be played to the highest standards of professional excellence! Evolution is no mere undirected accumulation of mutations selected for survival benefit. No: evolution has been a long road of every organism on earth, blindly yet unyieldingly yearning and striving to bring life towards a form most perfectly suited to suit up, and get a game on!

People who think humanity is the pinnacle of evolution are stupid, short-sighted, misguided and plain wrong. The pinnacle of evolution is football. Football itself. All the animal world knows it! Have you seen those horses play? Holy goodness. Not to mention bears, lions, bengal tigers, all manner of birds and beasts - all are certainly aware of the situation, even if we're not.

Love's more important that football, of course. But just as love would never force love to falsehood, neither could love ever force love to a denial of what's true and important - or even and especially, a denial of what's enjoyable to the lover but essentially, trivial! The love that takes a triviality and says it outranks love, the love that says "if you do not aquiesce in this trivial matter, than you do not love me" - to do this makes love less than what is trivial.

Football is less important than love, it's true. I admit that's true.


fmcm said...

Personally, I would say that Baseball was part of the evolutionary process, and that Football was something that came about as a filler between the times in which one can play or watch Baseball.

Sort of like the purpose for the adversary in scripture; imagining Sandy Koufax as Job, or the Diamondbacks as the story of David vs. Goliath.

dogimo said...

Nice scriptural allusions! Always nice to see someone drawing literary parallels. Although I'm not sure I see football playing the adversary in these recast tales?

In any case, you and I see the cosmos from different -ologies, sir. Which is fine, even if not dandy. I can tolerate if not accept your perspective, and I can respect if not appreciate your personal tastes.

Luckily, what does it matter whether any but one's self can tolerate, accept, respect or appreciate one's own perspective or personal tastes? Still, the fact remains: it's the sport of kings, it's better than diamond rings, it's football.


Pretty sure I wax poetic about baseball elsewhere. Baseball is by far the most poetic of professional sports, and as a poet I say: play ball!

dogimo said...


If you read between the lines, there's plenty of my pure joy and love of baseball to be found in Posts Labeled 'Baseball'!

There are also at least two embarrassingly (though sad to say, not shockingly) similar posts to this one, compare and contrast of major sports as an excuse to laud NFL football to the fucking heights and humorously, unseriously run all the others down.

Still, I think each of them sort of "holds up" as its own piece. You should hear how many times I've written the same fucking song with a different hook, song name, melody, and set of lyrics! Again and again and again.

If somebody else can cover the same topic I already did, why can't I? Is my stance.