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Friday, November 07, 2014

Thought of the Day: Priorities

It would be good to teach kids critical thinking before we teach them public speaking.


Jen said...

We would do this, if we followed the educational plan of The Trivium.

Grammar school - we teach and memorizes lots n lots of facts.

middle school - we teach logic.

high school - we teach oral and written rhetoric.

Dorothy Sayers has a great essay about this.

dogimo said...

That sounds like science fiction.

I'd google it, but that too seems like science fiction.

dogimo said...


Why thank you Jen. New one on me.

Does seem like a good order. Grammar, logic, rhetoric. I'd say teach maths right alongside though. And basic physical sciences. You could order both concordantly: building blocks and elementals, leading to the interrelational, and on to the theoretical where you must make and prove your case.

And a year or two into logic, throw in a curveball: Civics.