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Friday, February 02, 2018

Unsolicited Marketing Ideas #5: When Kindle Met Tinder

I'm always confusing Kindle and Tinder. Neither has anything to do with starting fires. I can't be the only one confusing the two, though, and it gave me the idea: why don't these two online dating and reading giants take advantage of the natural association in people's minds to create a little beneficial brand synergy?

This would be more than a crass promotional stunt, but it would be that, too. Win-win!

Kindle users could hook up with people based on books they've both read. What could be more natural than that? Tinder users would now be able to browse through hundreds of books, swipe right, swipe left, judging each by the cover. For the right-swiped books, perhaps the book might text you tantalizing tiny snippets of itself. Something like this could really break the ice, make you feel like the book WANTS to be read. Books are often seen as cold, aloof and inaccessible by Tinder users.

Cross-platform functionality is low hanging fruit for developers. Take two successful platforms, spot what appeals in each, and use that to hook the users of the other. That's the name of the game.

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