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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Me. I'm awesome. Just the other day, I had somebody compliment me on the elegance of a passage in a contract I'd written, and I wanted to say, "fuck you dude - you should see the SONGS that I'm writing!" Because, that's where my metier has really established its forte. I mean, lately - wow. I'm just blowing myself AWAY.

I'm not talking prolifigacy, here. Wait. Not prolifigacy. Prolificacy! I'm not talking the quality or state of being prolific. Because, to be honest, I haven't really had the time. I haven't been able to apply myself consistently, at the level I really need to to really reach that next level where I could truly be describing myself as "prolific." I've been there! I've been there before. And I will be again, but right now, what with work, it's catch as catch can so far as songwriting goes. What with work and all.

But having said that, catch has been catching and canning a bumper crop of quality over quantity in recent weeks! I'm only working on maybe 3-5 songs at any given time, as opposed to the dozens I would juggle back at my peak, but the 3-5 that I've had "in process" at any given time lately are simply the creme du la resistance, the top-tip of what I am capable of peeking at.

Which, let me tell you - aw, MAN! I'm loving this one I just did. It's either called "Grand Romantic", or "Romantics", or its original title: "Love Writ Large." It's great. I love it!

You'll know it when you hear it, it's splendid.

I'm so pleased with myself! Everybody! Take up songwriting, it's for your own good I swear. You'll thank me! Even if you don't thank me, if you end up sucking at it, what have you lost? What have you got to lose?

There's nothing to lose by trying. As Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard once put it, "Either I'm lying or I'm going to shoot you!"

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