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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Wish I Could Look Up to People More

I wish I could look up to people more. It seems they just keep letting me down. It's like, I'll find somebody I can look up to, and then before you know it, they just do something that's so out-of-character to how I had them pegged. I'm constantly trying to shoehorn people into the role of role model, which they never seem to be able to live up to no matter how hard I encourage them to try.

I guess I just need to provide my own best example. Was there ever any doubt on that score!

Hey: I can do it. It's just sometimes I know. Little help?



Jeannette StG said...

You're wishing that people are perfect...wishful thinking:) It may be easier on yourself if you view them as imperfect, then you don't get disappointed all the time. (this is my free advise:)LOL )

dogimo said...

And good advice as well! Thank you jeannette. :-D

Mel said...

I HAVE to look up to people, I have no choice.

Gives me a crick in the neck...