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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Single Word I Use The Most Too Much



JMH said...

Ah yes, to think of those who deserve vengeance or relief or happiness.

dogimo said...

It is my belief that no one deserves vengeance.

dogimo said...

But it's hard for me to tell, as stated, which way that's supposed to cut. And I won't say that no one deserves punishment! That would be risible.

And for someone whose punishment is well-deserved, that punishment might be appreciated vengefully by some of those who helped bring it about.

So, yeah. I don't know. I guess what I meant was, #1 nobody deserves to get to dish out vengeance upon others, and #2 nobody...deserves to get...venged upon, specifically? But they might have some justice coming.

Which would then be sweet vengeance to somebody, perhaps, but that was not the context in which it was deserved.


That's way too complicated. I guess that whole belief has to go out the window now.

Edana said...


I read the "No more sexy" post, get curious, go to the sidebar where things are chronological, click the post before it...and THIS is what I get?

I'm not turned on at all.

dogimo said...

Justice not sexy enough for you!!???

I think it was more referencing a couple of the posts before that:

this one,
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And possibly...this one.