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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Are You One of Those People Who...? #1: The Cost of Something

Are you one of those people who adds up the cost of the raw materials in the finished goods you buy, and then makes as if to consider yourself ripped off because the price tag is so much higher (for the item which has been manufactured, packaged, sold, shipped, and shelved in a retail location with rent and employees) than the cost of the raw materials that "went into it"?

If you are, I have a question for you: are you stupid? the whole whiny routine some sort of obscure, self-deprecating joke at the expense of your perceived intelligence, in the eyes of anyone who gives it so much as half a thought? Or what?

The cost of something is not: "what it's made from." The cost of something is: how big a chain is required to bring it from "what it's made from" to you.

Now, I'd suggest as a solution that you should "buy local" - but for some reason, all the local businesses around here really seem to be bent on gouging me.

Maybe it's different where you are.

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