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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Catch-22: Finished It!

Okay, I've finished Catch-22. I love this book. This is a great book.

I'd like to acknowledge the main complaints that readers and critics make against the book. One complaint is that Heller treats his characters in a sadistic manner. Another is that the further you get into it, the more implausible the events become, until finally it becomes completely impossible to take anything seriously anymore.

There is some substance to those complaints, but - now look. I'm not going to say: "Joseph Heller is God!" - but the fact is, those complaints are the very same main complaints that a lot of people have against God. And/or life.

I think we just need to step back, have a little faith and trust that maybe - just maybe - Joseph Heller has a bigger plan here, that maybe we can't understand from our limited perspective?

But screw all that anyhow. It's a great book!

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