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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Flamboyant, and More Flamboyant

Go Neil, rocking the bilingual aspect!

Man, this song hits HARD. Damn if the more I hear it, don't it hit harder than about all else they ever done did? What a song to pull out 20 years into an already splendidly-accoladed career! This version now, maybe a bit more restrained than the normal version.

But look how class that guy is! What a great, gay guy. An icon of impeccable style. Nice blazer.

Not sure about the tie, but it makes itself work.

And Chris Lowe, off to the side! Chillin'. As he does.

Those background vocalists, though. I think they're a bit off-key? On the refrain? Unless it's deliberate.

Heck, I think that whether it's deliberate or not. In fact, here, actually:

Better without those vocalists. A shame the real video is "embedding disabled by request." Hell, I'll link to it anyway. Great video. The combination of the weird Japanese tv show skits with PSB whoring themselves in the miniature advertisements in-between is choice! I love Chris Lowe's "hair"! These guys are no end of droll.


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