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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Open Dream Journal #15: It's Only The Rise Of The Dead

Last night I was stupid, there was a dumb "zombie outbreak" and we had to evacuate the world, the zombie part was dumb and boring really...or maybe I'm just burnt out on zombies...but the SPACESHIP was cool! We were evacuating into a spaceship that was just colossal in scale, and when I woke up, I wished I could just move into it and live there. It was like a gigantic glass zeppelin shape (I'm sure it was something sturdier than glass, but it looked just like thick glass - even down to the way light refracted through it, definitely not a plastic effect), with gridlines winding all about the transparent hull like latitude and longitude. The inside was all dark wood-paneling with brass fittings and cushions and opulence like the Titanic!

I never did see the cockpit or anything. This thing was enormous, with levels constructed around and through and into each other like interlocking staircases. The outer hull, being transparent, formed the "windows" for all the levels.

I hate when you stumble across a really cool dream environment but you have to keep dealing with the rather trite, stupid dream that happens to be unfolding within it - instead of just looking around and checking things out!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the Japanese spam. I thought I stopped it a week or so ago when I finally noticed what was going on. I had to install the Japanese language pack before I was able to use babelfish to translate. I'm far from pro when it comes to navigating around blogger (which probably seems pretty dumb to you, but it's the truth).

I have frequent dreams like the one you had- not necessarily on space ships, but certainly in new and beautiful places. Most often though, these places are overshadowed because there's always someone in my presence that today I wish I could talk to...a regret sort of thing. You know how dreams are. I always wake up wondering when I'd get to see them again.

Probably a little TMI, heh.

dogimo said...

I doubt I'm any savvier -it seems my computer came with the Japanese language pack pre-installed, is all. How disappointing, though! I was very curious to see what they were saying about the environment. Island nation, about every square inch of seacoast packed dense with habitations, I thought they'd have a viewpoint on it.

It's rare for me that my dream takes place in any sort of interesting setting. Usually it's a matter-of-fact place from my past, or it's a generic building/park/city street straight out of central casting. Or whatever the location scout version of central casting is.

I do also have dreams like the one you describe, where I'm interacting with someone that (in waking life) I wish I could talk to again, but in the dream it always seems that my mind has regressed back to the time they were around. So that the significance of the opportunity escapes me.

Which is better than me dreaming they are a zombie, at least. Man. SO SICK of zombies already!