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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Open Dream Journal #34: More AC/DC Anxiety

[ed.: this dream dates to back before the release of AC/DC's recent Black Ice, which I hasten to emphasize, did not contain the song "Who'shisface"]

This qualifies as a nightmare, I believe. I was doing something completely unrelated when AC/DC's new single "Who'shisface" came on the radio. I was like, "YEAH!!! RIGHT ON!!! ALBUM TO FOLLOW!"

But the song was AWFUL. It was actually pretty catchy, but it was...the refrain was something like "Who's his face SAID to SAY, 'See ya later!!' Who's his face SAID to SAY, 'See ya later!!'" It was crushingly dumbass.

I was like, "you guys said you were working on some good stuff."

It was the worst fake song I've dreamed for a real artist since "Cute Girls" by Neil Young.

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