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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Please Forgive Me: The Anthology Reviews #1: "Remember"

Please Forgive Me: The Anthology Reviews is a track-by-track in-depth analysis of Bryan Adams's legacy in 36 installments.

Disc 1 Track #1: "Remember" (1980)

I don't think I know this song. Was this a hit? It must just be a really early and historical track, included for comparison. It's got an unusual sound for Bryan Adams. The guitar (apart from the solo, which I don't even think is guitar) sounds like some kind of hard-driving Joe Walsh/Def Lep hybrid. The drums are...

... know, when I start talking about the drums that early in the in-depth review of a Bryan Adams track, it's probably best to cut our losses and move on. An inoffensive uptempo effort with an impressive rock sound and a dearth of lyrical inspiration.

The review can really only be as in-depth as the song. But hang in there, folks. It's Bryan Adams. You know it gets better and better!

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