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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Please Forgive Me: The Anthology Reviews #2: "Lonely Nights"

Please Forgive Me: The Anthology Reviews is a track-by-track in-depth analysis of Bryan Adams's legacy in 36 installments.

Disc 1 Track #2: "Lonely Nights" ('82)

As the drums kick in to kick off that catchy guitar line, and as in comes Bryan Adams shouting some sturdily melodic first verse, a deep-seated Bryan-Adams-receptor in the remedial ganglion of your rockpoplial cortex buzzes, "Now we're talking!"

The verses here are actually catchier than the refrain. The song sets you up perfect - it gives you that inevitable feeling. The build. You are settled into the seat, the lap bar's latched down, you're all strapped in and you know where the ride is going! You just sit back and savor the anticipation, as you ratchet up the steep rise and get ready to roll over the hump and roar straight down the death-defying loops and hooks of the forthcoming unstoppable patented Bryan Adams chorus.

But in this case, it isn't quite forthcoming. The patent was as-yet pending. The refrain is nice, and it's understated, and it's not quite there yet - not there, to where he'd soon figure out how to get with effortless charm, and bewildering ease and frequency.

Call this one "a promise of things to come, that doesn't quite yet fulfill." Still! A good song. I give it 3 Ehs.

Eh! Eh! Eh!

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