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Friday, September 11, 2009

A Sad Reminder, That No One Needs

Eight years ago, a bunch of guys who had spent long, grim years learning to how to fly, studying maps and charts, and working out flight plans and contingency targets along the best possible routes woke up early in the morning, headed to the airport, boarded their planes, sat down in their assigned seats and...the rest.

It was a spectacular triumph, for them. What they did. It was a long and complex job to set up. They worked hard. They planned it out to the nth detail, and then they got up that morning and executed it like a dream. A dream made out of nightmare logic. All through doing it, these people believed that what they were doing was right. They died happy.

It blows my mind how anyone capable of doing such a thing...could be capable of doing such a thing.

I always want to believe that capable people are less likely to be evil people. I always want to say that there are no evil geniuses, because anyone evil...can't really be a genius! They would not go in for it, if they were! A genius would have to realize! To wake up. But the sad fact is: it doesn't take much of a genius to be a mastermind.

Spectacular evil is far easier to achieve than spectacular good.

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