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Friday, September 25, 2009

The Spirit World Does Not Recognize the Validity of Physics

Physics is ultimately unprovable, at least as considered in terms of faith. None of science's fancy explanations or experiments are capable of being TRULY KNOWN - known deep down. Known in the way that you truly know, when you just know. When you know something is real truth, deeper and more profound than could ever be explained, or demonstrated, or experimented upon.

When it comes to that deepest, most fundamental level of truth, science is completely unprovable! That's because scientific "truths" can only be proved within the context of the dry, frail world of equations that only mean anything to those who understand them. To those who have been indoctrinated in their use, and taught not to question their self-evident validity.

But for those who do not subscribe to the value systems encoded in these arcane formulae - why should we take it for granted that they prove what they say they prove?

The spirit world cannot be observed, it can only be known. And in that way, it is true on a level that the so called "realities" of science can only dream of being! Since while scientific truths are precarious, ever subject to being undermined by subsequent observation and disproof, spiritual truths are eternal and permanent, forever and always beyond the reach of such flimsy objections!

In the real world of greater truth, beyond that which is observable or questionable, science doesn't stand a chance.


Edana said...

This simultaneously makes so much sense and so little sense. I enjoy your posts where you turn things around completely! They make me happy.

dogimo said...

You keep picking out posts I myself have forgotten about, and am delighted to rediscover!

I must say. This one is kind of...satire, I think. Of a particularly obtuse sort!

Edana said...

I know! I got that it was satire, and yet, to some degree it makes sense. I think that's what makes satire good, right? It's funny to read or hear, because you're thinking, "That's usually the other way around!" But then you think about it a little and suddenly, the backwards way makes sense, too.

dogimo said...

Satire is a motherfucker!

I wish I had a sure hand at it. I don't have a sure hand at it. Sometimes I come up with a satire and it's both audacious and brilliant! But that's rare, for me. More often, I'll look at a satire of mine and see something labored; forced. Unfunny, unconvincing and overobviously supposed to be satire (as if being satire could excuse unfunniness).

This one, I don't know - I like it a lot...I would not call it brilliant!'s kind of low-key unsettling. It underplays its part, quite nicely.


When it comes to satire, honestly, I'll take what I can get. I love satire.