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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bunch of Hypocrites.

People are a bunch of hypocrites. First they say one thing, then they do something else! First they'll say they want change, next they want to put things back how they were. Or they'll say peace, but then they'll be all like "GO TROOPS!" Which is it huh?

Last year I heard all these people talking about Obama. Now they're talking about Obama, only in the exact opposite sense! Well come ON, right? WHICH IS IT? Can we have both? No! It's one or the other, people.

Or what about the illegal immigration thing, right? People say no to that, right? But then: YES on foreign aid? How does that work?

And then you hear all these people talking big talk about the environment, saying it's something we have to protect - oh, yeah? I just saw some woman driving by in a very blatant SUV. Can we practice what we preach please, folks?