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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dare I Look at the World with the Eyes of Love? Dare I Avert My Gaze?

An odd phenomenon, recently. Every cute girl or woman I take notice of, lately, if I stop to take a moment to ponder what it is about her exactly that strikes me so, it keeps coming back to something about her that reminds me in some way of my sweetie. In a shockingly high percentage of cases.

This is very unsettling! Alarming, even. Very strange. Very unusual, for me. Because my whole life, when it comes to attractiveness - historically at least, I have very ecumenical tastes. My proclivities are so broad as to defy any attempt on my part to describe what my so-called "type" even is. When I think of those with whom I've spent the most good time - those with whom I've felt (at the time, at least) the most well-matched - when I run them through my mind in terms of how they put themselves forth, appearance- and style-wise, why my goodness! These ladies have been all over and on both sides of the map. And so it goes for the everyday passing fancy, with just the people in general who catch one's eye, so to speak: it's always something different about any given person that makes her stand out. Right?

I mean, it used to be. And it still generally is something different. But lately, the differences begin to share a certain disturbing commonality between them.

So what the heck is the deal here, then! What - am I unhealthily fixated, or something? And if so: sweet! I love it!

Anyway. No offense to these various other ladies - each of whom I sincerely assume to be a decent and true person, well worthy of respect in her own right - but the little resemblances that strike me in so singular a fashion are really all, in the final analysis, pretty trifling. Let's be realistic, here: even if I'm chugging along in my cartoon choo-choo and all the trees look like delicious tootsie rolls to my eyes, I ain't about to pull the train over, break off a branch and chaw down. I know it's just going to be a disappointing, dry mouthful of bark and splinters. I know where the real Tootsie Roll's at!

And again, no offense! But there's really no comparison, toots.

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