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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 300: Dawn of Despair, or, Another Dream Bites the Dust

Today, Tuesday October 27th, is the 300th day of the year.

Which sucks for me, frankly. I was thinking I had a real shot at re-branding my poetry blog as a "Poem-A-Day (On Average)" blog. And at this point, I think I have to admit that's probably out of reach. Sucks. I thought I was really on a pace! I mean, not that I was trying. I refuse to produce art based on external pressures! At least, not since college.

I really hurt myself with that slow start. A 19-poem May? An 8-poem March? COME ON. Were there no cherry blossoms this year? I could have at least banged out a few haiku. Pitiful.

All told, I'm showing 258 poems so far for '09. Respectable, I guess, but no way can I hit 365 by midnight December 31st. That'd be 107 poems in 65 days! I'd have to hit a pace of 1.646 poems a day for that to...wait. You know, that's actually not as bad as I thought. That's not even two poems a day, right? Somehow it seemed like more.

I guess it's more that I'm bad at math, then! Wow. I'm practically home free on this! I can do a poem a day easy.

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