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Monday, October 19, 2009

Game Development Pipeline Update: Spooky October Edition!

Trying to keep it a little spooky, a little creepy this October, and suddenly I realized - I've got the perfect post for that, sitting right under my nose ready to go!

So I've been working on developing a scary, spooky, puzzle-based video game where you are seemingly a regular person working on an ordinary life, trying to get by and provide for your family and kids, but you have a secret: you are able to periodically glean clues from the future as to how you might die. The goal of the game is twofold, one: to try to change what you're doing to prevent the deaths you can foresee, and two: since in this game, death is ultimately inevitable, to make sure that you have sufficient life insurance coverage to protect and care for your loved ones if, no when you do pass on.

Once you die, then you continue playing the game only from an altered viewpoint. You witness your funeral, and then you continue watching over your family and loved ones through the vantage point of the coverage and policies that you were able to put into place while you were alive. The stronger and more vigorous coverage you put into place, the more you can look after and take care of those who were closest to you in life.

The game is called: Term Life

I can picture landing some serious corporate sponsorship on this one.

By the way, anybody know any programmers?


Anna said...

I do. I think he'd like this too.

You can e-mail him from there.


dogimo said...

I'd better watch myself with you, Anna. You're a bit of a bluff caller!

I'll check out randy and his rants a bit later (me work now), but I'm sure if he's interested I can cut him in in exchange for him doing all the work, plus a fat slice of the profits.

I have a ton of story ideas of course. For the various developments of the game. It's one of those open-ended dealys where the game could go a whole lot of ways, depending. And especially depending on whether or not you secure adequate coverage to protect the well-being of the ones you love most. Expect that point to be hammered home pretty hard, with some pretty ghastly consequences if you don't!

It's a horror game, you see.

jorg wobblington lopez said...

When you said you had something creepy and spooky for halloween right under your nose, I thought this would be a mustache post.

dogimo said...

It's true that in some cases, a beard makes a mustache less spooky!

jorg wobblington lopez said...

my mustache is killer.

dogimo said...

Spooky ain't bad! Necessarily.

And, if your pic is an accurate depict, I tend to agree.

Mine looks like it's all sopped from drinking soup.