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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey, Watch the Walk!

You better believe that whether I stomp, strut, stride, bounce, skip or traipse, I am going to walk the walk as well as I talk the talk. And of course, as the needs of the situation require, sometimes that entails some deft and tricky reversals and transitions, whether verbal or pedestrial. It's a volatile world, especially with me in it! And I insist on meeting the world on its own terms, with a measured and appropriate response, totally on the fly and as I see fit. That's the standard I set.

Take today for instance. I was walking downhill a bit, this afternoon, and I noticed my shadow and suddenly became aware of my body language and the way I was kind of...mincing? Yes, mincing is the word! Now usually I don't mince, much. Words or steps. But here I was, coming down this hill, and I was really pulling off this pretty markedly effete feet feat, you know what I mean? And as soon as I noticed, I was instantly amused, but before I could do anything conscious about it my body automatically threw this awkward transition into play mid-stride, to "butch it up." Suddenly I'm taking the downhill all hard-guy implacable, with feigned unconcern.

But the sudden adjustment must have looked pretty funny, if anybody saw! I was laughing a bit about it myself. Ah, me!

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