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Monday, October 19, 2009

I Almost Lost a Leg! Pt.3

The other interesting aspect is, that title would probably be completely true and accurate. I did almost lose a leg! Probably. And so did you, if you think about it.

For me probably, and probably for most people probably*, if we could be aware of the many horrible things that almost befell us and - owing to the timely intervention of chaos - did not befall; if we could but glimpse the huge web of interconnectedness that we traipse through obliviously each morning and on through the day, it seems likely to the brink of certainty that each of us could look back on our lives and see many, many instances where we - all unknowing - very nearly did lose a leg.

It's to do with the intersection of the infinite with the mundane. Anything can happen, and almost did. And if you're honest with yourself: that leg of yours isn't so secure and invulnerable as you'd like to think.

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