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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Assignment to Aspiring Filmmakers: Spooky Edition

Well, I seem to have a real theme going this October, as I'm sure a lot of people do every month. I mean, there's no shortage of month-based themes! There have got to be at least seven or eight of them. December of course brings Christmas month AKA "The Holidays." In June, July and August you have "The Month of Summer" times THREE. It's really basically all the same month, though. You can go check the physics on that if you want: it's the same damn month. We split it up in three, so we don't end up with a ridiculously high number of days. But there's no real scientific difference to that division. And then there is also of course, "Black History Month" in February - surely the most prominent of the month-based themes. I'm trying to remember a few more. That seems like only three.

Anyway, with October I try to go with the whole, "here comes the spooky" theme. I know, that doesn't sound very official, but trust me - Halloween deserves it. Because Halloween itself is in many ways, the Secret King of My Holiday Calendar. Better candy than Easter. Better parties than New Years (it's not just the costumes - there's usually a good 3-5 nights' worth of people having parties! Whereas NO-BODY holds a New Year's Eve party on any of the surrounding evenings, no matter what weeknight it falls on. Something about the automatic-next-day-off effect, turns people lazy). Better costumes than Cinco de Mayo. And unlike some holidays I could name, little-to-no pesky religious significance.

Man, I got lost on the way to the point on that one! So anyway, in keeping with the spooky theme I've been milking all month, here's My Assignment to Aspiring Filmmakers: Spooky Edition! The assignment: pick one of the following evocatively spooky film titles I came up with for you, and make a scary movie out of it! To be screened, I supposed, next October. A bit short notice for this one. Sorry about that. Here are the film titles:

Damn it! I forgot the film titles. I had two good ones. That was going to be enough for me to "go on a roll" with!

Shoot. Dang stupid introductory remarks.

EDIT: deadline for this year's is midnight October 30th. Deadline for next year's: 9/1/2010. I'll be posting the results and screening the winner on Halloween! I'll also post the available titles for next year's contest at the same time.


dogimo said...

Huh. I remembered both of the two I had come up with, but now they no longer seem like the sort of great start that sparks a creative roll. Here they are anyway:

Nectar Of The Creeps


Death Mister

Lunarchick said...

Careful what you ask scary movie coming up.

Hey are there prizes involved here?

dogimo said...

Of course! The winner will be awarded The Distinguished Palm of the Judge and Jury Special Selection Committee.

dogimo said...

Well heck, if I'm getting entrants I should finish laying down the particulars! OK: #1 if the winner is to be screened next October, I think all winners would need to be submitted by 9/01/2010 at the latest. Otherwise: disqualified.

#2: Originality. Of course we're talking, it has to be a new creation. Can't just slap a custom title card on some sweet piece of your previous oeuvre and call it a new work!

#3 You can pick either of the proposed titles. I will do my best to come up with at least 5 more options. The deadline for me to do so will be 10/28/2010 at the latest. If I fail to do so by the deadline, then any late options I come up with are automatically disqualified, and only the original 2 stand. No making suggestions - that voids the point of the contest!

I think all of that's pretty straightforward contest stuff. No real curveballs.

Lunarchick said...

Phew...I think my entry is still valid. Scared me.

Rules ARE a curveball. It would be shame for my entry to be invalidated by a little old rule.

So now that I am done what am I going to do for the next 11 and change months?

dogimo said...

No way, you're done already? SWEET! I can't wait to see it! But I'm going to need to wait, 'til I can access it from home.

You don't think any of the rules were changes to it though? Were they? I was just trying to make sure it was spelled out enough what the assignment was: 1st pick one of the titles, then make a movie out of it.

Tell you what: I'll run the same thing again next October. This years will run 'til the end of the month, and for next years, we'll be accepting submissions from Jan.1 thru 9/1/2010. That should be fair to everybody. I'll add in the extra titles for next year's instead of this one.

Thanks for helping me fine-tune the details!

Lunarchick said...

Nah the rules didn't change..I was just joking :-)

When you get a chance to watch you can decide it it remains true to the rules or not..he he.

Now come on readers lets see some more entries. Competition is good for the soul. Isn't it?

dogimo said...

>Competition is good for the soul. Isn't it?

I think it is! But of course, it partly depends on who you are. Competition is healthy in general, but it does tend to drive prices down and create a buyer's market.

dogimo said...

Okay! That's an official entry! Accepted into competition.

I was going to say, It's Nectar of the Creeps not Nectar of Creeps - but the film itself gets it right, so it doesn't matter what the You-Tube header says.

Lunarchick said...

Woot, woot!! I'm in! Doing the happy filmmaker dance!

Oh and I fixed the typo in the header.