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Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Favorite Genesis Song

My favorite Genesis song, and it pretty much always has been no contest: "Home By The Sea."

I love it for the rough, jagged forward thrust of its insistent tempo, for its supple melody lines caressed by Phil's ever fluid and fluent larynx, and for its some unspecified third, equally-pompously-described, impressive-sounding aspect. You will have no problem filling in that blank yourself (put it in the comments!). But most especially, I love it for its creepy story...! Very apropos, as October swings into full underway.

It's a strange tale, and grippingly so. As near as I can make it out, in the dead of night a guy breaks into a nursing home and is mobbed by its inmates who swarm him like zombies and then drain his vital essence by regaling him with boring stories of their salad days. That's as near as I can make it out.

This song is quite typical of the sensitivity displayed by Collins et al in their capacity of "meaningful song purveyors" (see also "Illegal Alien" from the same album - truly this was a major big important band at its height of influence and puissance).

And now without further ado or adon't, please, by all means, WELCOME TO THE HOME BY THE SEA:

Do not say that you were not warned.

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