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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh, Awesome. The 'Search Blog' Function Doesn't Work?

What the heck is this. Wasn't Blogger bought by Google? Who of all people ought to know how to run a search function?

Type in 'tweed' and search the blog for it. 1 post! That's all that comes up!

I just tried the same thing in my dashboard, searched my posts internally, and there are four published posts that contain the word 'tweed'. I tried it with a number of other words, too! Same thing: the 'Search Blog' function (window top left of your screen) can't search for shit!

Posts including the word 'shit': 10, according to the 'Search Blog' function.

From the dashboard, I come up with 154 - not counting 23 drafts and 2 posts scheduled for future publication.


Did they change it? I feel like it used to return good, comprehensive results. I used it all the time! Intermittently.

Maybe it was missing stuff all the time, and I just wasn't scrutinizing it.



Mel said...

yip, the search function is proper-screwed. No results for smartassery.

dogimo said...

That's very weird, because that was a really recent post! My other tests seemed to tend toward older posts missing and recent ones right there for you.

Lunarchick said...

Four posts with the word "tweed" in them? You sure do write a lot about tweed. Must be some kind of record or something. I am impressed. Tweed does that to me.

dogimo said...

I might be misusing it in a couple spots. For instance, in one instance I refer to a tweed couch. Can a couch even BE tweed? It seemed convincing at the time but now I'm less convinced.

Just don't get me started on houndstooth. Looooooove houndstooth.