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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Selected Scenes From My...

From "Selected Scenes From My Art-Rock Movie":

* a minor character pours and eats an entire bowl of cold cereal in the foreground, while in the background, the two major characters bicker in voices too low to make out, all the time gesturing forcefully and moving energetically from room to hall to out of view to back again - each taking turns crowding the other, then alternately giving ground.

From "Selected Scenes From My Action Thriller":

* the main character enters a restroom, goes into a stall. As we wait for the fight scene or plot development, he sits, his eyes scan the cryptic scrawls on the door, another person enters - tension! The other person's feet enter the stall directly next to him. Our man's eyes are tense. We wait tensely for what's about to happen. He finishes up, pulls some toilet paper, carefully making very little noise. Close up on his eyes, tense. He stands, does up his pants, flushes, exits the stall, goes to the sink. He's watching the door to the other stall as he washes his hands thoroughly. Then he leaves. All he does is take a shit! Nothing else happens in the scene, really. Classic!

From "Selected Scenes From My Genre-Defying Romantic Comedy":
* actually, I've kind of got writer's block on this one. But it's the scene's fault, not mine! So far, they're arguing about the proper division of kissing responsibilities when the ninjas bust in. Now, that's the point at which the rest of the scene is supposed to write itself! But apparently, it's got writer's block. Which as far as I'm concerned is a pretty pathetic excuse.

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