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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sick of the Accusations: There Is No Damn Horseradish In My Deviled Eggs!

I am so sick of these accusations! There is no horseradish in my deviled eggs recipe, OK? It's just that I use the good mustard. A quality mustard can have some real bracing heat to it, alright? And that's all that you're tasting!

Except for this one time, when I only put the horseradish in there to see what that would be like. Since I keep getting dogged by these accusations of spiked eggs, it's pretty messed-up for me to have to live under the pall of presumed guilt and never get to sample the benefit! Plus I was out of the good mustard. So that was a 1-time exception, and if you missed out - other than that, there absolutely is no horseradish in my eggs. GOT IT? Quit the innuendo!

I hate to admit, but those eggs turned out pretty good with the horseradish. Maybe I should just do it that way instead. That good mustard is so expensive.

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