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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Sun Came Out, and It Didn't Go Away

", it didn't / it didn't go away..."

"Reptile" - 7 Worlds Collide

Far be it from me to urge upon y'all the necessity of purchasing a double-album recorded in three weeks flat by a shitload of indie rock b-listers to benefit a charity you probably never heard of (but check it out, though: Oxfam! - looks like a good cause!). Far be it from me to urge you to buy something like that, on my bare say-so.


The name of the band is 7 Worlds Collide. The album is The Sun Came Out.

I'm only on listen two all-the-way-through, and I'm so happy with the surprises still piling up. Who could have expected an album with so many different top writers and lead vocalists could be so ego-free and cohesive? No, not "ego-free." That's not right at all: this project has a huge, united ego. There's some real sass and love and cocky confidence on parade here. There is lived-in ease, but mixed in with the frisson thrill of the ground crumbling under you from the brand-new weight of a sudden, delicious crush. Wow, what a crazy...yeah, band, I guess you have to call it! Too bad they can't tour, huh?

Ah, I don't know. I recommended it to me, and when I got it I was far from merely delighted. But you do what you want, I can't be responsible. It may not be to your taste, I'm hardly a judge of that.

But I'm loving this.

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