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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Word of the Day: disquisition

I constantly look up words I love. I don't know why. I already know what they mean, right? Anyway.

I looked in my built-in Oxford American Dictionary under "disquisition" ("a long or elaborate essay or discussion on a particular subject"), and was enjoyably floored by the "use it in a sentence" example that was provided:

Nothing can kill a radio show quicker than a disquisition on intertextual analysis.

I love that sentence, for some reason. It sounds like some snarky thing that the sidekick guy interposed to the main host after he and the main guest got into some really wonky sidebar tangent for like five minutes of air-time.

But the main thing that hit me was - what do you even MEAN?? I would LOVE a radio show like that! They'd have me hooked. "Long-time listener!"

I don't think I'd call in, though. That dynamic's not for me.

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