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Friday, November 06, 2009

A Long Time Ago, Faraway, So Close

I picture Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann as Cassiel and Damiel in a sort of a prequel to Wings of Desire - a far, far, far distant prequel. The film would begin long before the beginning of time, but by then the angels had already been around forever. However, having almost nothing in the way of experience, they are far from the infinitely patient, jaded, calm beings we see in the later-set film.

In fact, they're kind of jittery spazzes. Because after so long with nothing but serenity and emptiness, things start happening. And as time dawns, and creation clicks into place with a whisper, for the first time ever there begin to be points in space between which to gauge distance, and ticks of time through which it all begins, and the angels...well, what would YOU do? They freak out.

Cassiel: What is it? What have you found?

Damiel: Matter.

Cassiel: Matter? Where's it coming from?

Damiel: Don't look. Don't look. I'm dealing with it!

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