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Thursday, December 24, 2009

my annual Official Christmas Poem

"the comeback kid"

final seconds tick
down to zero,


game over - or is...?

she's dropping back, kids!

it's a Hail Mary pass
a Baby Jesus football, caught
in the end zone, defenders
breaking down in tears


as the cheers
for the home team
Final Score -
- unbelievable!
Saints: 21
Sinners: 23

what an all-time upset



John Dantzer said...

Wow, were you drunk when you wrote this? It's awesome, not that poems are better when written drunk, but some are.... some are....

dogimo said...

Nope, not drunk! Watching football.

I wrote that a week or two ago and then "forward scheduled" it to post Christmas Eve at one minute to midnight.

I thought it captured some essential spirit of the season!