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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Anti Shopping List

I've got to stop buying so many cans of soup. Not that I don't use them, but it's just that if I have soup, I'm probably not going to go grocery shopping. I'm a heavy procrastinator on certain tasks, and if the choice is between living on soup and going grocery shopping, my decision will be, what the hell! Soup is good food! I can go shopping tomorrow.

But one can always go shopping tomorrow, and one doesn't. Not as long as the soup holds out.

(now don't worry, I don't live on soup - I supplement my home diet with plenty of eating out and sumptuously catered work meetings)

I live so long between shopping trips, that I forget what I'm there for when I go. It's usually just: we're out of everything. Replenish the staples!

But there are certain items that, judging by how often I bring them home from the store, only to find out I have way plenty already...I just must be paranoid about running out of them, or something. I usually do fine without a shopping list, getting what I need, working off the top of my head. But I need to give serious consideration to bringing with me to the store a list of things that I don't need.

So for next time, Don't Forget Not To Get:

  • name-brand transparent cling-wrap
  • light bulbs
  • paprika (I tell you, I ran out of paprika once, and I've been paying for it ever since!)
  • bar soap
  • beer (I always seem to think I'm out of beer. I'm never out of beer! Possible cause-effect, there)
  • big black name-brand trash bags

I actually got all of these items when I went to the store today, except for the light bulbs. In fact, I think that's part of the pattern: because now that I think about it, for a while there we always kept forgetting to get the light bulbs (and I believe the cling-wrap as well had a period where it was a much-needed-but-much-forgotten item). At some point, the "GET LIGHT BULBS" message of frustration finally got etched in, and finally the light bulbs got gotten! But then somehow, the message stayed etched in. And I keep getting them. Now I need to buy more lamps!

I've got so much bar soap now, I have to find a new place to put it. There's no room left in the usual cupboard.

I'm cool with the paprika, though. I'm sure to get through all this current supply just fine. As long as I stop buying more.

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