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Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Nose...TWO ZITS?

Oh my God - I have two zits on my nose at the same time! That hasn't happened to me since I was a teenager.

Yes, I know I've been feeling exceptionally virile and sophomoric lately...but is this to be the price??

Man, and you can't even hardly see these babies. Maybe if I mess with 'em a bit. A complexion like mine, who knows when I'm going to get the chance again?


limom said...

1 star for posting
0 star for content
Since I am an imaginative person with an above average ability to visualize, I may lose sleep over this one.

dogimo said...

Shit dude. If you want imaginative visualization check out the latest installment of my "the stranger Lido" saga!

The whole zit thing there, I do occasionally try my hand at fiction. Apologies for the vividity.

Anna said...

Don't apologize dogimo. Your post was amusing, as usual.

dogimo said...

Thank you Anna!

I have a certain weakness for apology, as long as I can work in a little sly self-compliment to it. I find myself frequently apologizing for virtues. Candor, frankness...every now and then I up the stakes and: "I apologize for my integrity, but..."

"vividity" is a new one, but I think I'll be working it into the rotation. Despite it not being a word.