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Monday, November 02, 2009

They can't do what you've done.

Tim Finn's just a bit more psyched than I'm used to seeing him, here. But what the f! I give it three yays and a bravo.

Man, if I could dance like that...I would anyway!

"The first time that I saw you

- I knew my mind"


Mel said...

That was brilliant! I alternated between laughing out loud and cringing while watching between my fingers. Our man looks like he's got ants crawling up his jacksy! Wonderful stuff. But I think you'll soon agree, the ALT version is superior.

dogimo said...

I don't know, I'm kind of partial to the stripped-down, balls-out, straight-ahead, no-nonsense rock take on this one from Timbo.

But...I have heard the ALT version, you know! Like a million times. I had the album, but it was absconded with. I think my favorite song on there is "Favourite Girl." Good tune.

In fact, I heard both songs live! :-) Great American Music Hall, San Francisco. Eye TV opening.