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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This Telepathy Is Making Me Crazy

Telepathy is not considered to be a mental disorder! Can you believe that? No coverage! My g.p. doesn't even want to give me a referral - she thinks it's a waste of time. And no worker's comp - even though I'm certain it's workplace-related stress that's brought it on! And I try to explain it to people, but noooobody believes me.

I can just tell they don't believe me.

Let me tell you something else, too - the herbal remedies? Useless. No help whatsoever.


Lunarchick said...

Of course you can tell they don't believe you. You've got a case of TELEPATHY duh.

Bet you know what I am thinking right now don't you? Don't you?? Oh don't look at me that way.

dogimo said...

It doesn't seem to work at a distance, thank God. YET, at least. Who knows if it's going to worsen or what.

I swear though, you'd be amazed how dirty most people's minds are, people where you'd have thought otherwise! Letdown city!

Carolina said...

I found your profile at Lisa's blog and was curious about yours. It is a very original and fun blog.
err, about telepathy, mmm, how is it that they don't believe you? ;)
Best regards,

dogimo said...

Thanks, Carolina!

I don't know, some days it seems like each person has a different reason for not believing in my telepathy. I wouldn't even care if I didn't have to know about it! I mean, if somebody doesn't believe me, how is that my problem.

But with this telepathy thing, it's like they're rubbing their brain in my face.

Lunarchick said...

Rubbing brain in face...hah!...great visual...