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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Twice, If You're Lucky

Do you know what it means to make it?

in the harbor that destiny set?

we can shelter from trouble

It's a course in philosophy, yeah

what is life, is it just a dream, hey?

It's all a mystery, but somehow I know

It's not what it used to be, no. And suddenly, we're free to let go

It's still family that's bringing us home.

You will love this one:

You Will Love This One.

and if we can create - something magical, honey?

There are times that come,

there are times that come

only once in your life

and that's not all right.

- Neil Finn


dogimo said...

do you know how it feels to me, babe
- what the scent and the chemistry say?

it all makes sense to me, somehow

dogimo said...

Apparently, it's "in the harbor that destiny set."

Or rather, that's what it was. The lyrics in the final version are pretty much all different!