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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Beer: Is The Difference

Thanks to Seanibus for this delightful clip!

The guy's name is Jean Shepherd from what Seany has to say about him. And from what I can tell, one hell of a journalist. But not one of those old-school impartial types though - be warned! Mr. Shepherd digs in and takes sides. Here's his report on beer:

This is wonderful. My goodness! This is just like what I'm always doing by mistake - or I suppose I mean, unconsciously. Enthusiasm to the point of absurdity! To the point where people assume - he's got to be kidding right? Which frees you to be as sincere and enthusiastic as you wish! And no one will object, they'll just be all, "ah, what a card! He's putting us on."

Oh, I love this.

Who the hell is this guy? Did he narrate A Christmas Story? Sounds like maybe the same guy?

How was this sort of art lost? What beautiful sincerity and truth, and you just reach out and say it. Hope. Joy, life, love.

Beer, by God.

But it's more than that. It's subtle.


limom said...

If I remember, Jean Sheppard had an East Coast radio show and I think he was a columnist.
Garrison Keillor of his day.
I think A Christmas Story was based on one of Sheppard's stories.

Sean Scully said...

Jean Shepherd was a genius and hell of a storyteller. He was hypnotic to listen to.

dogimo said...

The guy's amazing. There was something about A Christmas Story I didn't really love. I owe you a debt of thanks, there Seany, for showing me what more he had going for him. Hell of a talent.

Honestly I think he really works best on-camera, just pitching it across like we see here! I think it might just be he's using more of a regular voice. His narration voice is just - it's fantastic, obviously, but it seems more of a wink at us - in the tone, you know? It's a chummy and engaging and companionable wink, but I like his regular voice better.