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Monday, December 07, 2009

Doodeloo #27: Papa Christmas All Decked Out

Papa Christmas All Decked Out
I don't know, he kind of looks like Gandalf.


Anonymous said...

I know it's wrong, Dog old chap, but I kinda want that cloak. I could pretend to be a Christmas tree and scare old ladies at the market.

dogimo said...

I know! I should go into production on that, if I had the slightest nimbleness with thread and thimble!

Nothing wrong with walkin' around like that, scarin' old ladies.

Well...I theory, let's just pretend for the sake of argument that these are racist old ladies. Because you don't want to scare the regular kind!

I love my grandmom.

limom said...

Sort of reminds me the movie 1941 when the Japanese dudes disguised themselves as Christmas trees.

Lunarchick said...

Digging the boots.

dogimo said...

@limom - I swear I saw that movie, but I'm not getting anything but the VHS cover.

@Lunarchick - I'm loving the left boot, and regretting the right. It doesn't live quite up.