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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Dudes with the Fear of Commitment

I just don't understand the dudes with the fear of commitment. Fear of commitment? I've got the opposite of that, whatever that would be! Whatever the opposite of commitment is? That's what I'm afraid of.

I've been through a real wringer lately, heart-wise, but I remain an optimist. That's my secret! My secret is to remain an optimist. How I pull it off, I have honestly no idea. But I do pull it off, so far. The heart may be blind, but my optimism keeps shining a light forward regardless! Optimism is what the other half of the glass is filled with. And so it is with me as well: I'm positively brimming with optimism. Some dudes go on a first date, call themselves an optimist, they bring a condom. I bring an engagement ring. "Just in case!" No takers so far, but like I said: an optimist. It'll happen.

I'm a sitting duck for some lucky young lady! Or old lady, I don't care. I'm not shallow like that. I don't require that my girl be lucky. But one thing though, there's one thing I require: she's got to have high standards.

With me...she's going to need 'em.


dogimo said...

On the other hand, I think The Dudes With The Fear Of Commitment would make a pretty awesome band name. But then, so would Ace Diamondheart And The Club Of Spades.

Anonymous said...

You know, if you want to be married, just move to Provo. Assuming you are LDS and want to marry some marriage crazed RM.

If so, you'll be engaged in two weeks!

dogimo said...

That sounds like a hot tip, and I thank you! But I guess I should clarify: I may be a sitting duck, but probably a non-migratory one. I mean, how rare is love that works long-term? OK, now how rare is work that you love, long-term?

Of course if my wife plans to support me, then that's another story, but my plan A is to work for a living. I love my job. Which never happens.

And Provo'd be one hell of a rough commute.

Of course the post itself is meant to be more taken as an amusement than 100% literally, but I think that comes across!

Lunarchick said...

Loving a job IS a to stick with that. The high standards lucky lady will come along when the timing is right. :-)

Yay for optimism!

dogimo said...

"Yay For Optimism!"

I need a t-shirt like that. I think you're right, Alice. And for you as well: that job you love will be along directly! You strike me as the sort who can take a halfway situation all the way to rad by effort.

Actually that might be the distinction to draw: you can do that in a job, sometimes, turn a merely satisfactory situation into something you love, from what you put into it. But I don't think that works too well with people! :-D