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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fate Couldn't Care Less

Fate doesn't set the course of our lives. It does not pick out your path for you. Fate couldn't care less about your path. Fate just throws everything up in the air, and before we even come along, it's crashed and scattered and all laid out: the pattern we will live. The path we will walk, the life we will choose, and choose, and choose, and choose...every step right up 'til the day we drop.

We can't change a thing. We can only hesitate in thought - as we were fated to do, as we always would have done! We can stop and deliberate, think to ourselves, but what if I change my mind? This or this? And then go on to do what we always would have done, whether we knew it or not, exactly on schedule and never a moment too late or too soon.

We just need to quit worrying about it. Fate doesn't care.

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