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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get Ready For Funny Pt.3: The Mighty Thor!

This cartoon is a marvel of expository dialogue and narration:
"Later, the Son of Odin sits upon a lonely promontory, sorely perplexed." - Narrator

"I can find no trace of the vanished bank!" - Thor

"Of course not, fool! For after Sandu emptied the bank's valuable contents, he let the people go, and teleported the remnants of all his crimes to the moon!" - Loki
And the animation is no less impressive. Check out Thor's arm at 1:43 when he says "Activate your mechanical serpent while I soar aloft with my magic hammer!" Look at that arm!!!! Holy crap. Even if you're not going to click on either of the embedded videos, give that link a click. That's one sweet cartoon arm, you don't want to miss. Come on. In the whole process of drawing and making the animation cels and then shooting it frame-by-frame - who thought that looked OK? Everybody! Everybody thought it looked fine!

Is it really part of Thor's earthly mission to help that guy film a Viking monster movie? That guy doesn't even look Norwegian - I think he's a leprechaun.

This dude has some kind of fixation on using a hammer to fight! His hammer stolen, he's attacked by trees - he busts 'em up with his bare hands so he can make a hammer out of them to fight more trees! He's attacked by flying monsters - he uses his fingers to dig and carve a stone hammer out of a mountain, to fight with!

It seemed like he was doing better with his bare hands against those trees. I mean, know that Thor's supposed to need that hammer to keep from turning back into his secret identity of a crippled M.D., but I thought he needed his own special hammer for that? If he can just smack some logs together and call it a hammer, that's one heck of a loophole. He should take one of those knee-whacking reflex hammers from the office, and keep it with him.

"A plague on Thor! He meets each new danger head-on!" - Loki

Neither the narrator nor Sandu seem to know what the word "teleport" means. Though they sure do use it a lot.

I adore all the levitating decapitated-head crowd reaction shots.


John Dantzer said...

I just replied to your comment on my blog saying how bad the animation was on The Mighty Hercules, and I saw this after. ahahhahahah! Maybe they were the same animators. Probably.

dogimo said...

I think the animation on The Mighty Hercules actually puts this to shame.

Hey, check it out - an episode of The Mighty Thor where Thor meets Hercules!

Albeit, not The Mighty Hercules.

John Dantzer said...

There sure is a lot of smiting in that show.